July 12th Meeting News

At last nights meeting we had 24 men in attendance, 2 guests, thanking us for our gift from last quarter, and a flight demonstration of the Drone gifted to Blaine County Search and Rescue, last October, from 100 Men Who Care.

Our guests were Krista Felton, representing the Hunger Coalition ‘Bloom Program’ and Christine Fonner, representing Syringa Mountain School.

The Drone demonstration was by Lt. Bryan Carpita, Blaine County Sheriff’s office. It was pretty amazing to see it in flight and to see the beautiful Sawtooth Botanical Garden below.

Last night 4 organizations were nominated, Sawtooth Botanical Garden, The Drug Coalition, Kiwanis Parks Program, and Roto-Run Ski Mountain and Programs.

The Drug Coalition is the recipient of this quarters gift! The Drug Coalition was formed in 2007 with the mission of reducing substance abuse among youth in the Wood River Valley. It serves about 220 youth and their families.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 4 at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden starting at 5:30. Please put it on your calendar.

Thank you all for your continued support. We are making our community stronger in immeasurable ways!