Total donations to date: $169,750!

02/12/13   Ketchum Community Dinners     $1,60005/14/13   NAMI     $1,60008/27/13   Wood River Fire and Rescue/Fire Fighters Assoc.     $2,20010/22/13   St. Thomas Playhouse     $3,20001/07/14   The Senior Connection     $3,10004/08/14   The Hunger Coalition     $3,40007/08/14   Hospice of Wood River Valley     $3,50010/07/14   Sawtooth Botanical Garden     $4,00001/13/15   Souper Supper     $5,00004/14/15   Wood River Orchestra     $5,20007/14/15   DARE/PAL     $5,40010/06/15   Blaine County Search and Rescue     $5,80001/12/16   Higher Ground     $6,60005/10/16  Syringa Mt. School     $8,15007/12/16  The Drug Coalition     $8,30010/04/16  Rotarun, Tubing Hill Project     $7,70002/16/17  The Community School, E-Car Project    $7,90004/12/17  Blaine County Educational Fund, Outdoor Education    $7,80007/11/17  Hospice of Wood River Valley    $9,000010/10/17  The Advocates, Skills for Success Program     $7,50001/09/18 NAMI, National Alliance of Mental Illness        $9,60004/10/18 Men's Second Chance Living (c/o The Advocates)       $9,50007/10/18 The Community Library       $10,20010/09/18 The Salvation Army       $11,500o1/08/19 The Senior Connection       $10,900o4/09/19 I Have a Dream Foundation       $11,100