Students Build An Electric Car With The Help Of 100 Men

Keegan Webber, Gavin Blair, Marty Lyon, Peter Wolter, and Oliver Guy





I recently presented a check for $7700 to students designing and manufacturing an Electric Car, being built on the chassis of a 1998 Chevy S10. It was very impressive observing the students making battery packs from a decommissioned Toyota Prius. This spring look for it on our local roads as it will be introduced to students throughout the valley. This is a joint project between The Community School and ERC.

Participating members of 100 Men Who Care are Jeff Bertz, Richard Kolbrener, Eric Thorsopn, Moghan Lyon, David Torrence, Scott Runkel, Ed Deseve, Richard English, Steve Mitchell, Matt Bogue, Mark Davidson, Barry Bunshoft, Richard Hitchcock, Lyon Landscape Architects, Ben Frank, John O’Connor, John Galgano, Mike Potter, John Kahm, Jim Feldbaum, Dan Ballbach, Fred Gray, Bill Nicholson, Rick Flickinger, Randy Hall, Gerry Morrison, Jim Gandolfi, Bill Kronberger, Len Schlessinger, Ralph Fullerton, Robert Trye, David Kaye, Pierce Scranton, Steve Wall, Jim Ellison, Stan Joseph, Michael Leach, David Holmes, Steve Gerrish, Steve Funk, Jim Perkins, Al Hackel, Allen Jones, Ross Jennings, Adam Elias, Mike Healy, Keith Davis, Nick Miller, Bill Downing, John Wolcott, Frank Willey, Ron Greenspan, David Weil, Andy Weil, Ed Weil, Steve Heidel, Bart Lassman, Lee Wasserman, Steve Dorinson, John Dean, Dick Weiss, Jamie Will, Mark Miller, Jeff Howes, Steve Huish, Bruce Norvell, Chet Potuzak , Greg Bloomfield, Bill Travers, Tom Praggastis, Nick Miller, Lew Brown, Alan Sumption, Art Sloan, Gerry Mells, Hayward Sawyer, David Hutchin and Marty Lyon. Thank you all very much!