100 MWC Surpasses $100,000

Since my last posting we have had 3 meetings.  In April, we gave a gift of $7,800 to the Blaine County Educational Fund – Outdoor Education.  Our check was presented by David Holmes.  At our July meeting, we chose Hospice Wood River Valley and gifted $9,000.  Marty Lyon presented the check to Lisa Wild, Executive Director.  And for our final meeting of the year in October, we selected The Advocates, Skills for Success Program.  A check for $7,500 was presented to Tricia Swartling, Executive Director  and Susan Fierman, Skills for Success Program Director.


Congratulations to all 100 Men Who Care participating members as our total gifts have now reached $106, 950.




Students Build An Electric Car With The Help Of 100 Men

Keegan Webber, Gavin Blair, Marty Lyon, Peter Wolter, and Oliver Guy





I recently presented a check for $7700 to students designing and manufacturing an Electric Car, being built on the chassis of a 1998 Chevy S10. It was very impressive observing the students making battery packs from a decommissioned Toyota Prius. This spring look for it on our local roads as it will be introduced to students throughout the valley. This is a joint project between The Community School and ERC.

Participating members of 100 Men Who Care are Jeff Bertz, Richard Kolbrener, Eric Thorsopn, Moghan Lyon, David Torrence, Scott Runkel, Ed Deseve, Richard English, Steve Mitchell, Matt Bogue, Mark Davidson, Barry Bunshoft, Richard Hitchcock, Lyon Landscape Architects, Ben Frank, John O’Connor, John Galgano, Mike Potter, John Kahm, Jim Feldbaum, Dan Ballbach, Fred Gray, Bill Nicholson, Rick Flickinger, Randy Hall, Gerry Morrison, Jim Gandolfi, Bill Kronberger, Len Schlessinger, Ralph Fullerton, Robert Trye, David Kaye, Pierce Scranton, Steve Wall, Jim Ellison, Stan Joseph, Michael Leach, David Holmes, Steve Gerrish, Steve Funk, Jim Perkins, Al Hackel, Allen Jones, Ross Jennings, Adam Elias, Mike Healy, Keith Davis, Nick Miller, Bill Downing, John Wolcott, Frank Willey, Ron Greenspan, David Weil, Andy Weil, Ed Weil, Steve Heidel, Bart Lassman, Lee Wasserman, Steve Dorinson, John Dean, Dick Weiss, Jamie Will, Mark Miller, Jeff Howes, Steve Huish, Bruce Norvell, Chet Potuzak , Greg Bloomfield, Bill Travers, Tom Praggastis, Nick Miller, Lew Brown, Alan Sumption, Art Sloan, Gerry Mells, Hayward Sawyer, David Hutchin and Marty Lyon. Thank you all very much!

100 Men Who Care Chooses Rotarun!

Left to right: Marty Lyon, Jesse Foster, Joan Davis, Craig Johnson, and Ben Franks

At our meeting on October 4th we had 21 men in attendance and the atmosphere was filled with great energy. Four organizations were nominated:

Hospice of Wood River Valley
The Advocates
Kiwanis Club Parks
Rotarun Ski Club Inc.

Excellent presentations were made and on the second vote, Rotarun was selected. With our gift they will build a tubing hill, purchase inner-tubes, build a pump house for storage of the tubes and future snow making system, install a rope tow donated by Sun Valley Company and install lighting for use on Friday and Saturday nights. Also, they will place a 100 Men Who Care logo on the pump house and a have FREE tubing day for the public, sponsored by 100 Men Who Care. This is a gift which will serve the community for many years and promote 100 Men Who Care!

Thank you for all your continued support. We had four new members! Feel confident to spread the word to your friends, neighbors and family to join us. We are making a huge difference to the organizations we support!

The Drug Coalition Check Presentation!

100 Men for The Drug Coalition

The Drug Coalition was the winner at our July 12th meeting and is the recipient of $8,300! Our grand total of gifts now totals $67,050! Great job everyone! (More checks came in after the check presentation featured in the photo.)

Drone Demonstration

100 Men drone demonstration

Lt. Bryan Carpita demonstrates the drone recently purchased by Blaine County Search and Rescue at the July meeting of 100 Men Who Care at The Sawtooth Botanical Garden. In October 2015, Blaine County Search and Rescue was the recipient of a $5800 gift from 100 Men Who Care. “We are very proud to fund the drone which will be used to assist search and rescue operations in our community” said Marty Lyon, founder of 100 Men Who Care.

July 12th Meeting News

At last nights meeting we had 24 men in attendance, 2 guests, thanking us for our gift from last quarter, and a flight demonstration of the Drone gifted to Blaine County Search and Rescue, last October, from 100 Men Who Care.

Our guests were Krista Felton, representing the Hunger Coalition ‘Bloom Program’ and Christine Fonner, representing Syringa Mountain School.

The Drone demonstration was by Lt. Bryan Carpita, Blaine County Sheriff’s office. It was pretty amazing to see it in flight and to see the beautiful Sawtooth Botanical Garden below.

Last night 4 organizations were nominated, Sawtooth Botanical Garden, The Drug Coalition, Kiwanis Parks Program, and Roto-Run Ski Mountain and Programs.

The Drug Coalition is the recipient of this quarters gift! The Drug Coalition was formed in 2007 with the mission of reducing substance abuse among youth in the Wood River Valley. It serves about 220 youth and their families.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 4 at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden starting at 5:30. Please put it on your calendar.

Thank you all for your continued support. We are making our community stronger in immeasurable ways!

Little Wood River Valley Library Gift

100 Men WRV Carey Library gift 1

On June 6, 100 Men Who Care WRV member Allen Jones presented a check for $2,500 to Mary Bowman, the librarian for the Little Wood River Valley Library. She was thrilled and Allen was impressed with the library and the efforts it makes for the community. Thanks to everyone for making this gift possible!

100 Men WRV Carey Library gift 2

Syringa School Gift

100 Men Wood River Valley Syringa donationI presented a check for $7,850 to Syringa Mountain School and, as you can see, they were a grateful bunch! This quarter’s gift was $1,250 more than last quarter.We have now given a total of $58,450 to non-profits in our valley.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 12, 5:30 – 6:30pm at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden – bring a friend!